At this site you’re going to get in touch with Hack Facebook Account software, the latest technology application developed to fully recover any FB password you require. This tool is already used by mass of people from all over the globe who lost their login passwords or got hacked by some internet criminals and want to recover and get their profile back.
To download and try the app simply click the button below to begin with process.

Facebook Hacker

New Update:

We have improved the app and renamed it to “FB Shredder“. You can download it from its official website by hitting the button below.

FB Shredder

* Supported for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

About Us

Our group is consisted of three members, technology enthusiasts who are developing all kind of apps we can imagine, including this Facebook Hacking Software as well. And some similar apps for other social networks account recovery purposes. So if you ever need your certain social media account password cracked, simply get in touch with us and grad our software right away. We want you to keep in mind that our applications are always made for the audience for free. If you wonder why, it’s because this is our contribution we want to share with world. Because these kind of apps doesn’t make us living, but the other most advanced ones such as some games and game addons we share on App-stores. But these tools are our freebies to the audience as a contribution from our advanced programming skills.

When to Use it

When we mean on usage then the reasons why people want to hack a Facebook accounts varies from person to person. But here are the top reasons to use our app:
1. Employees Monitoring – Believe it or not, some companies has Facebook monitoring enabled to their employees. This is security manor in which some CEOs believe they can improve their companies progress if they push they employees by this way.
2. Parental Control – It’s understood some parents want to take control of their children by having their login ID’s of their online accounts such as email and Facebook ones. There are many of pedophiles and other online criminals which lurk for minors so it’s completely understandably why parents wants to crack into their children FB profiles.

Terms of Use

Before downloading our program, we have some strictly rules made for users which you will have to observe when operating with it, so please keep reading and agree with same.
Our tool should be strictly used just in following purposes: Employees monitoring (Only if they agreed with it previously), parental control and password recovery. Any other purposes of using this software will be held by you only and you are responsible for all of risks such as law violations if you use this tool to hack other people Facebook passwords and such.
“Facebook” is registered trademark of Inc. All information and materials stored at this website should be used for personal and ethical purposes only.